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NHS Explains Need For Change with STP


Click here for the summary of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Click here to read the whole STP document.

Here are some Qs and As about the proposals.

Here is a video to explain more: http://tinyurl.com/HealthwatchSTP


Healthwatch is asking the public to read the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and give their views on how improvements could be made. 

STPs are about making practical changes to the way health and social care services are delivered in the face of growing demand for services, a long-term shortage of the skilled people needed to provide them and, in spite of increased funding into the NHS, a projected financial gap for the Humber Coast and Vale area of £420 million by 2021.

23% of the 1.4 million people in the Humber, Coast and Vale areas live in the most deprived areas of England and, as a result, the region has significant variations in health outcomes across its communities, leaving too many people at greater risk of developing long-term conditions that seriously impair their lives and future prospects.

A drive for clinical excellence is at the heart of the proposals in the STP. Dr Dan Roper, Chair, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“The Humber, Coast and Vale STP gives clinicians in primary and secondary care, Public Health and social care a great opportunity to work more closely together to tackle the existing and emerging problems of our patients and service users across the area.

Clinicians know that we need to adapt and develop health and social care provision as a whole community to face the challenges of a growing ageing and vulnerable population, the inequalities in health in our area and how to provide a wider range of care nearer to patients in their own homes.”

The plan represents a new way of working across the Humber, Coast and Vale region that breaks down the barriers between organisations in health and social care, enabling a greater focus on delivering practical improvements that will make a difference to people.

Click here for the dedicated website for the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.



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