They have joined forces with beauty industry organisation Cosmetic Executive Women UK (CEW), along with some of the UK’s leading retail and beauty brands to launch GET LIPPY. The campaign will get everyone speaking up and out about all things gynae – to stop women being too embarrassed, ensuring we all know and use the correct anatomical terms for our own bodies as well as an improved awareness of the signs and symptoms of gynae health issues / gynae cancers and when to seek medical advice.
This campaign will run annually andit is hoped that, over time, it will create the same kind of mass engagement that the pink ribbon has created for breast cancer and that Movember has had on making male specific cancers easier to talk about.
GET LIPPY is both an awareness and a fundraising campaign and they would like partners from across all parts of the sector to get involved to spread information about signs and symptoms and how people can get involved with the campaign and take action. The retailers supporting this year’s GET LIPPY campaign in May are Tesco, Harvey Nichols, Space NK and Oliver Bonas and beauty brands include Vaseline, Hourglass, Bali Balm, EOS, Elemis, Lipstick Queen and Smashbox
Throughout May the focus will be on raising much-needed awareness, with a specific focus on social media – starting from the outside in – so beginning the campaign with a real focus on vulval cancer, and working our way through the female anatomy week by week, cancer by cancer.
There will be a range of campaign collateral available ranging from the GET LIPPY logo, infographics, illustrations, short animations as well as films of passionate and outspoken women who want to GET LIPPY about women’s health and the core issues that surround this; which can all be shared across various social media channels, on organisations Intranet and websites. 
Often women are not aware of what is going on with their bodies or are unaware of what is normal and what is not normal for them, so it is imperative that we all raise as much awareness as possible throughout May and beyond. In doing so, you can help The Eve Appeal achieve their mission of a future where fewer women develop, and more women survive a gynaecological cancer.