Funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), this report is the second of six Focus On reports from DSC which provide more detailed information on armed forces charities’ support for key areas of need.

Figures presented in the report illustrate that a large need is being met by a relatively small number of charities. Just 121 charities deliver services to at least  250,000 beneficiaries, with, armed force charities spending at least £103 Million on physical health provision within the previous year.

There is approximately one charity to every 2,070 beneficiaries accessing support for physical health. By comparison, this was roughly seven-times greater than the number of people accessing education/employment (one charity to every 450 beneficiaries) and 25 times greater than those accessing mental health support (one charity to every 130 beneficiaries). This finding highlights the huge demand for physical health services placed upon a small number of forces charities.

You can download the report from here